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Narrative and Authority in Oroonoko: “A Thousand Little Accidents”

It’s been a slow snow slow day – unless you were a New York City public school student, in which case I’m sorry – so here’s another little something about Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko (1678) from the archives to fill the shelf.  The novel … Continue reading

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The Shelf Life of Good Humor

It’s six weeks. Oh wait, I’m sorry – that box I had in the freezer actually expired all the way back in August of last year, so really the shelf life should be… Ok, so maybe I won’t be next in … Continue reading

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  Volpone. Volpone, Volpone, Volpone…Volpone? Volpone! Volpone – Volpone; Volpone (Volpone), Volpone… VOLPONE!

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Thirty-Nine Reasons Why I Hate BuzzFeed

I hate BuzzFeed with a passion. Most of the time, at least. Sure, making lists is amusing and usually helpful, and the whole identification thing is nice from time to time. But it’s all fun and games until your computer … Continue reading

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Fiction and Argument: Building a Room of One’s Own

It’s been a painfully slow week. Well, the weekends have gone by quickly – too quickly, to be honest – but the days are dragging on. Maybe it’s a side effect of this frigid (ok, by mid-Atlantic standards) weather… The … Continue reading

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War, in Pieces

Edwin Starr bellowed the message better than anyone else – and in three-and-a-half minutes, to boot. But since war has become a seemingly inescapable (yet all too often, easily dismissible) fact of life, past or present or future, perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror; Or, The Post in Which This Blog Lives Up To Its Name

What does a mirror do? What benefit can we earn by looking at something from a different perspective? What did the German say to the Englishman when they walked into the bar together? Ok, ok, I can’t answer all three … Continue reading

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