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I'm a graduate student in English at the University of Pennsylvania (or "Penn" for short). My most prolific writing is on The Hong Kong Project, a blog about my former experience as an exchange student:

A New Challenge

A lot has happened in the eight days since I last posted something here, and to be frank a lot will happen in the days and weeks to come. Thankfully it seems no one really missed “Shelf Reflections” too much, … Continue reading

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Bookmarks: 1/20/14 – 2/16/14

In this edition of Bookmarks – black birds, black sausage, black rights, black paintings, and black humor (somewhere). Onwards!

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Narrative and Authority in Oroonoko: “A Thousand Little Accidents”

It’s been a slow snow slow day – unless you were a New York City public school student, in which case I’m sorry – so here’s another little something about Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko (1678) from the archives to fill the shelf.  The novel … Continue reading

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The Shelf Life of Good Humor

It’s six weeks. Oh wait, I’m sorry – that box I had in the freezer actually expired all the way back in August of last year, so really the shelf life should be… Ok, so maybe I won’t be next in … Continue reading

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“Don’t Sound Like a Sonnet:” An Experiment in Form

Anyone who took an English class in high school or college has probably learned about iambic pentameter – you know, the fancy term for duh DUH duh DUH duh DUH duh DUH duh DUH – at least once. Even if the … Continue reading

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  Volpone. Volpone, Volpone, Volpone…Volpone? Volpone! Volpone – Volpone; Volpone (Volpone), Volpone… VOLPONE!

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Wild Horses

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! As you’ve probably heard or already know, it’s the Year of the Horse (not my year yet), and festivities are underway all across the globe to celebrate the occasion. And while we’re talking about horses, … Continue reading

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