Bookmarks: 1/20/14 – 2/16/14

In this edition of Bookmarks – black birds, black sausage, black rights, black paintings, and black humor (somewhere). Onwards!

What you’ve missed (or what you miss):

1. “Why We Can’t Wait” – A seminal (if now slightly overlooked) account on a key moment in the American Civil Rights movement, as told by one of its most powerful leaders.

2. Le Bourdain Noir – This was the post about black sausage.

3. Waiting for [A New Post] – Throwaway post about self-made painting, etc.

4. Fiction and Argument – How do you build a room? Imagine what would happen if you had one.

5. Thirty-Nine Reasons… – Two Poems That Are Of Great Cultural And Aesthetic Interest, Largely Because They Are Not Adorned Here With Pitiful GIFs Or Memes

6. Wild Horses – It’s the Year of the Horse, so here’s a fable to herald the moment.

7. Volpone!

8. “Don’t Sound Like a Sonnet” – To write a sonnet strains the restless mind.

9. The Shelf Life of Good Humor – Why don’t we remember comedies as well as we do tragedies?

10. “A Thousand Little Accidents” – Speaking with authority, while subverting it at the same time.

Other stuff:

1. “Attendez la crème!”

2. The spirit of A.A. Milne lives on. To put it another way – the cutest story you might ever hear.

3. Knock yourself out.

Enjoy the rest of Black History Month!


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I'm a graduate student in English at the University of Pennsylvania (or "Penn" for short). My most prolific writing is on The Hong Kong Project, a blog about my former experience as an exchange student:
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