Bookmarks: 12/17/13 – 1/16/14


“The Garden of Earthly Delights” (1480-1505) by Hieronymous Bosch, brother of former Toronto Raptors player Chris. Image source:

In this edition of Bookmarks: inauthentic narratives, “branchy towers,” book-length dreams, indecipherable words, and a favorite city – and book – that will never get old.

The starting 11:

GK: Happy Holidays! – Like any good keeper, this is a throw-away one and you won’t miss out on much by not reading this one. Still worth its salt though.

RB: The Year in Review – The stalwart of the team. Possesses pace and excellent tackling abilities, but most importantly knows enough about its teammates to make informed decisions on the pitch.

CB: “Towery Cities” – The mainstay of the defense. Poetic in its defending, whatever that means.

CB: Bridging Books and Burdens – Partner to the poetic defender, this one is more prosaic in its heading but still effective. Has faith in what’s to come, regardless of the situation.

LB: “Branches Without Roots” – Complements partner at right-back but from the other end of the pitch.

CDM: My (Favorite) New York – The anchor of midfield, linking defense to attack and showing superb creativity – all while making everything seem so simple.

CM: Mirror, Mirror – Strong, composed, and authoritative, perhaps even more than we might suspect at first.

RM: The Content of One’s Character – A tricky one whose overlapping runs defy conventional thinking about football.

LM: “Murder, Though It Have No Tongue” – Same as its right-handed counterpart, though arguably more well-known and recognized.

ST: “But I’ll Tell You More…” – Pacy, direct, and good for poaching a goal – especially against an unsuspecting defense.

ST: War, in Pieces – The brazen center-forward, barging its way through everything but with grace and multidimensional play.

Four things of note:

1. Toni Morrison, Junot Diaz, and the NYPL. The rest you can see for yourself in 82 minutes.

2. One of the best pieces ever written about why fans are passionate about the teams they love. And this one’s about my favorite team, no less.

3. Wollen Sie Deutsch lernen?

4. Do you speak Belgian?

And last but not least…two Pokémon (from the original 151, old-school style) I love:

1. Magmar – Sure, it’s not the greatest Fire-type around, but where else in Kanto are you going to find a fire-breathing duck?

2. Starmie – The only Pokémon I ever learned how to draw properly, and yes, that includes Voltorb too…


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