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Wild Horses

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! As you’ve probably heard or already know, it’s the Year of the Horse (not my year yet), and festivities are underway all across the globe to celebrate the occasion. And while we’re talking about horses, … Continue reading

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Thirty-Nine Reasons Why I Hate BuzzFeed

I hate BuzzFeed with a passion. Most of the time, at least. Sure, making lists is amusing and usually helpful, and the whole identification thing is nice from time to time. But it’s all fun and games until your computer … Continue reading

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Fiction and Argument: Building a Room of One’s Own

It’s been a painfully slow week. Well, the weekends have gone by quickly – too quickly, to be honest – but the days are dragging on. Maybe it’s a side effect of this frigid (ok, by mid-Atlantic standards) weather… The … Continue reading

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Waiting for [A New Post]

I apologize for not posting anything new since last Wednesday, but between AMC’s “Godfather Weekend” marathon (during which I saw Part II¬†twice because it’s that good) and other personal projects I’ve found it difficult to read and write a fresh … Continue reading

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Le Bourdain Noir

  Disclaimer: This is not a post about¬†boudin noir – though I can tell you that I’d very much like to eat some – nor is it about Bourdain being black, or a black Bourdain, or…well, it was just a … Continue reading

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“Why We Can’t Wait” (And Why We Shouldn’t)

Like many other people, I suspect, I only knew about Martin Luther King, Jr. through four terms: civil rights; “I Have A Dream;” his assassination; and the holiday that bears his name. His legacy remains immense in the American consciousness, … Continue reading

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Bookmarks: 12/17/13 – 1/16/14

In this edition of Bookmarks: inauthentic narratives, “branchy towers,” book-length dreams, indecipherable words, and a favorite city – and book – that will never get old.

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