“…And Now For Something Completely Different…”

It’s been a difficult week/weekend for many people, not just in this corner of the East Coast but certainly around the world as well. So for a change of pace, I figured I’d try to lighten things up with an idea I thought of over the weekend…which brings us to football!

Right then – as an avid football fan (Arsenal, Red Bulls, and USMNT), I was pretty exhilarated and terrified by Friday’s draw for the 2014 Most-Definitively-Glorious-And-Not-Soullessly-Corporate-No-Sir-or-Madam FIFA World Cup. Germany, Portugal, and Ghana will undoubtedly provide very stern tests at the group stage, but with Klinsmann at the helm and a very good qualifying campaign – and hopefully no major injuries – the road to Brazil should be an exciting one, no matter the ultimate result.

Ok, ok, you’re thinking, that’s nice and all. Is this not a blog about books? Well, glad you asked! The title was something of a hint, but anyway, here goes…

What eleven authors (or if you’re feeling adventurous, provisional squad of 23) would you nominate to, say…the 2014 World Cup? Or even better…the 2014 WORD CUP?

No restrictions on genre, gender, age, race, class, concerns, whatever…and no worries if your country didn’t even qualify for the finals (that’s right, Canadians and Scots/Welsh/(Northern) Irish and Chinese, you’ve got a stake in this too!) – if you could name a squad of eleven of the greatest authors from your nation, who would you pick? (And for bonus points: where would you pit them on the field?)

Leave your team in the comments below – I’ll reveal mine (an American squad, that is) in a couple of days. Boa sorte!

About csquaredetc

I'm a graduate student in English at the University of Pennsylvania (or "Penn" for short). My most prolific writing is on The Hong Kong Project, a blog about my former experience as an exchange student: thehkproject.wordpress.com
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